Name of service Price
Surgical consultation 150 zł
Tooth extraction 250-350 zł
Surgical tooth extraction 350 -500zł
Surgical removal of the wisdom tooth 600-1000 zł
Root-end resection 600 zł
Hemisection of the tooth 400 zł
Undercutting the frenulum of the lip or tongue 300 zł
Closure of antro-oral communication after tooth extraction 500 zł
Reconstructive surgery of the alveolus before prosthetic treatment 400 zł
Reconstruction of the alveolus after removal of the tooth using the bone substitute material (without removal of the tooth) 600-900 zł (for one alveolous)

The above price list provides prices for standard services, which are most often performed. In other cases, individual assessment is required during an office visit, during which the doctor examines the patient and establishes a dental treatment plan.