Child dentistry deals with the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of children’s baby teeth and permanent teeth. Parents’ cooperation with the dentist is essential for their children to enjoy healthy, straigty teeth, so that they can bite normally and speak properly. Remember that tooth decay is an infectious disease which affects not only the tissues surrounding the teeth, but also the health of the entire body of the child. The first visit at the dentists should take place after eruption of the first baby teeth. The child accus to staying
at a dentist’s office and the parents are instructed how care for their children teeth. Follow-up visit in the case of children take place every 6-8 months. Such treatment leads to the prevention of tooth decay, inflammation and visits to the office are pleasant, stress-free and planned.

Our office offers comprehensive dental care for children:

  • oral reviews,
  • learning, oral hygiene instruction,
  • colorful and standard fillings,
  • fissure sealants in permanent teeth,
  • teeth extraction
  • orthodontic treatment.