Orthodontics is a field of dentistry which deals with the prevention and correction of malocclusion of the teeth. We associate orthodontic treatment with a beautiful smile with straight teeth. Let us remember, however, that properly aligned teeth, corrected malocclusions give us the opportunity to better cleane the teeth and thus prevent cavities, deposition of calculus, at more advanced ages allow to perform more easlily prosthetic work, improve speech, and facial appearance now and preventively in the future. Orthodontic treatment is best started when the first signs of irregularity are noticed by the parent or the attending dentist. It is never too late for adults who have “missed on”, for various reasons, the earlier possibility of orthodontic treatment is never too late, but it implies certain limitations which arise with age. Every orthodontic treatment is a multi-stage process lasting from months to even a several years. Each treatment is individual and requires different plans.

Sample treatment process:

1. Consultation visit. Oral examination. Making impressions to prepare diagnostic models. Performing pantomorphic and cephalometric
x-rays, sometimes 3D tomography.
2. Presentation of treatment plan.
3. Starting the treatment. Putting on an orthodontic appliances or cementing braces.
4. Continuation of treatment. Follow-up visits in the office.
5. Removing the orthodontic braces or appliance. Start of retention treatment which maintains the obtained results,using removable
or fixed retainers.
6. Follow-up.